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Active Play with PEEK
Active Play with PEEK

PEEK – Possibilities for Each and Every Kid

What challenge is the organisation tackling?

Across Scotland there are many areas, including the North East of Glasgow, that have a range of socio-economic problems and disadvantages.

These include:
• High levels of unemployment and high numbers of workless households
• Low levels of educational attainment
• Poor health profile
• Concentrations of hard-core poverty
• Low incomes and unemployment
• Lack of safe spaces to play outdoors
• Parents fear for children’s safety,
• High levels of anti-social behaviour

Within our geographical reach across the North East of Glasgow, progress has been made with the regeneration of the area.  It is recognised that further input, such as the services PEEK provides, is necessary to help create better opportunities for those in the community and address inequalities. They stand to gain the most from PEEK and benefit from the positive outcomes that can be achieved through free play and creative learning.

Tell us about your organisation?

We have offered a number of innovative arts, leisure, free play and volunteering activities to local children and young people aged between five and twenty five, giving them the motivation, self-confidence and skills they need to change their lives. We work with around 600 children and young people on a weekly basis. As a community-led organisation, we have over 45 volunteers from the local community engaged in our work, as well as parents who are involved in our Board of Directors.

We are extremely proud of everything we’ve achieved so far and are fully aware of the ongoing challenges we face in meeting our vision, aims and objectives both for the organisation and, more importantly, the children and young people we help.

PEEK has:
• A significant track record in growth and leveraging of funding from many sources
• A record of evidence-based practice
• An excellent reputation in meeting the needs and aspirations of children, young people and their families,
• A well-trained staff and volunteer team who are competent in their specialist roles
• Made positive and effective contributions to a range of local partnerships and networks
• A strong board including joint staff and Board sub groups
• Won many plaudits and awards over the years.

How long has your project been operating?

Possibilities for Each and Every Kid was established in 2000 and has been operating for 15 years as a local children and young people’s provider, supporting local youngsters within the North East of Glasgow. The organisation was initially founded by a local minister – Rev. Irene Bristow, St Thomas Gallowgate Church – in response to the poverty and deprivation in the area and the lack of opportunities for youngsters. Over the years, the organisation has continued to grow and develop, providing a range of play and creative learning programs. PEEK has become an established part of the communities we serve  and has supported thousands of children and young people.

What has been your biggest success?

Our biggest success to date has been the impact we have made on the lives of so many children and young people. For example, over 40% of the PEEK team are former child members which demonstrates both PEEK’s approach in developing and empowering young people as well as the model itself. We have many case studies, some of which can be found on our website

How do you currently tell your story?

We tell our story in a number of ways:
1. Individuals involved with PEEK (staff, volunteers, board, children, young people and families we work with) champion our work and speak about this in their lives and communities as well as to other stakeholders.
2. PEEK Marketing – Social Media, Newsletter, PEEK website
3. Representation and presenting at various events, workshops, meetings and networks throughout the city and Scotland.

Where do you see the project in 5 years?

PEEK plans on continuing to grow to reach even more children and young people across Scotland. We feel we have a strong model and approach which can been replicated in other communities given the correct resources and support. We want as many youngsters to be given the amazing opportunities that PEEK can provide to raise aspirations, self-esteem and responsible and confident citizens .

How would your organisation benefit from taking part in this pilot project?

We would hope that this will further strengthen PEEK as an organisation through connecting us with a range of charities/social enterprises. We will learn and exchange knowledge which will reaffirm PEEK’s great work and practice and, at the same time, perhaps give us new ideas to consider and test. We would also hope that our good reputation continues to build as we meet new stakeholders who may wish to become part of PEEK’s journey.

Melodie Crumlin
Melodie Crumlin

Chief Executive at Possibilities For Each and Every Kid – PEEK Ltd

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