Common Good First

Tshepang Programme for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children, Johannesburg

Common Good First will create a digital network to identify, showcase and connect social innovation projects in South Africa to each other and to universities around the world for research, student engagement and learning and teaching.

As well as developing a mobile-first platform, it will create digital storytelling modules which will be shared with community groups in specifically-designed labs in South Africa, as well as online.

Common Good First has been funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme, with additional investment from the Scottish Government.

The Consortium comprises universities from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Spain and South Africa, as well as the global network, the Social Innovation Exchange.

15 hours ago
We LOVE this. Digital storytelling, Maine-style. And with an Airstream!
2 days ago
Storytelling at the #LasinConference2017, #HarryPotter characters illustrating a methodology for academics to form a #SocialInnovation tribe
4 days ago
Some Friday top tips from our friends at the Glasgow Bike Station. Have a great weekend, everyone!
5 days ago
A Recycled Material Workshop held at @theNWU was a huge success, prompting a turnout of over 100 participants!
6 days ago
Seen at the #LasinConference2017. Contemporary Dance used to reach youth in vulnerable communities in Panama.
Common Good First –  An EU Erasmus+ funded project to identify, showcase and connect community projects in South Africa and beyond.